THIS IS NOT A CLEANSE: A Seasonal Reset Digital Cookbook Experience

Everything you need to know about eating seasonally - with 180 recipes

This cookbook isn't just a cookbook. This manual isn't just a manual. This is a show-stopping food experience.

Are you ready for enormous energy, beautiful sleep, amazing sex, a kick-ass life?

That's what I thought.


It’s as much about the journey as it is the destination In fact, I would say it’s more about the journey Eating is an adventure And you may consider this book the beginning of an adventure It’s an adventure in the discovery of healthy eating and finding what works for you

(The red wine comes later)

Every page is beautifully designed.

Every recipe comes alongside original images.

Yes, that's right. This digital book is everything. A program. A cookbook.

  1. Over 180 recipes
  2. Beautifully images accompany each recipe
  3. Over 200 pages of recipes, text, rich content
  4. Divided into FOUR SEASONS
  5. Season-specific Dump-designed speciality teas
  6. Meal plans designed for every diet restriction (3-day, 7-day, 10-day)
  7. Recipes for all diet restrictions
  8. Special section for mamas (breastfeeding, pregnant, etc.)
  9. Manuals: Finding Your Kitchen Zen, Mindful Eating
  10. Digital format -- save it in Teachable AND to your own devices
  11. Guide to doing your own 10-day program

This is really about eating beautifully!

Use this as a way to reset for ten days. Choose season-specific recipes, guidelines, and meal plans that are right for you at the time of year.

You can use these recipes any time you want something delicious and nourishing. These recipes have been carefully tested... BY YOU. You don’t have to be following a seasonal, 10-day reset to use them.

Cooking these recipes isn’t difficult. The ingredients aren’t impossible to source. None of it is scary. Anyone can create these very DOABLE dishes.

It is a simple plan to remove the foods that congest you and keep your body in a state of unrest.

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Your Instructor

Sara Bradford
Sara Bradford

I am ridiculously in love with food, really good at making up recipes -- and a mama and busy business owner (so I know that simple is important).

My food journey began as a child. Watching my mama in her kitchen and garden. The way she took her time with each ingredient. She looked so zen. Honestly. The love I have for real food began by watching her.

I love food. But I've had a topsy-turvy relationship with it, too.

I was a vegetarian for many, many years. Then...An unhealthy food obsession began when I went off to study nutrition. I tried every diet, every cleanse, every detox out there. I began obsessively drinking green smoothies. I was in a constant battle with the conflicting info I received.

It took me many years to figure out that sometimes 'healthy eating' isn't all that healthy.

Sometimes nourishment is simpler than that. It starts with a love of ingredients. And it also starts with loving yourself -- and having a deep understanding of what makes you feel good -- and that you deserve that.

I stepped back and began to focus only on eating foods that made me feel good, based on the season I was in, and my own intuition. When I did my mood improved, my energy levels increased, my puffiness decreased, I lost extra pounds, my skin became clear.

Fast forward: I'm now in my 40's, I feel like I'm in my 20's, I have two beautiful (healthy) kids, a thriving business, I feel awesome, and I wake up to a sense of calm. I did this by eating real food, putting my needs in the spotlight, reducing stress, increasing my nourishment (in all ways), and creating the life I want -- BUT STILL...ENJOYING THE HELL OUT OF MY FOOD.

I began running the Community Dumps because I saw a similar and dangerous cycle in others: unsafe juice cleansing and extreme fasting, an all-or-nothing, no pain-no-gain attitude that left people confused, HUNGRY, exhausted and nutrient deficient. I saw people suffering for months after a well-intentioned detox or "healthy food" plan. Why was no one talking about this? Why was everyone eating food that tasted bland or looked like sludge? Ew!

I took my extensive skill and passion in the kitchen to create something fun and unique – where people don't have to go at this food journey alone, a food program that is safe, and delicious, and do-able. I’ve spent years developing these cleanses, using the seasons to guide me, taking different constitutions into account. And now I've taken it one step further...

I help people like YOU adapt to a way of eating that feels good ALL the time! This is my passion. xo

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