Spring Dump Part Two -- BONUS EXTRAVAGANZA

Spring Bonus Material of AWESOMENESS

Well well well. What's THIS?


ICING ON THE (gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free) CAKE

Yeah...it just got a little bit better. For a smidgen more, you can feel the Spring Dump love and take it ONE STEP FURTHER...

Additional Salad Jar Recipe Bundle ($25 Value)

Bonus Omnivore Meal Plan ($15 Value)

Additional Omnivore Recipe Bundle ($20 Value)

Beautiful Spring Dump GUIDE BOOK (downloadable) ebook ($25 Value)

Beautiful SMOOTHIE GUIDE + RECIPE BOOK (downloadable) ebook ($29 Value)

Meditation Guide ($8 Value)

Healthy Substitutions Chart ($5 Value)

Video Interviews with Food Experts ($25 Value)

Total Value: OVER $150.00 -- For You ONLY $27.00 (WOWSA)

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This section is an add-on to the Spring Community Dump 2017

1) Salad Jar Mania: A week's worth of salad jar recipes you can make up ahead for the ENTIRE WEEK...all at once. And a guide, so you can create them yourself. And this is a handy tool, useful long after the Dump is over.

2) Additional Recipe Bundle for Must-Eat-Meat-Eaters: I know. Otherwise you'd starve. haha. Kidding. I DO get that it's very tricky for some people to eat plant-based entirely -- even for only ten days. These Dump-Friendly recipes include using fish and poultry.

3) Gorgeous Spring Dump GUIDEBOOK: Printable, down-loadable, with all the goods. Yes, you get the same information laid out so lovingly in a step-by-step format on the private membership area. But this is a keeper-keeper.

4) Gorgeous Spring Dump SMOOTHIE GUIDE + RECIPES: Ditto for this as above.

5) Mediation Guide: To keep you from going mental.

6) Healthy Substitutions Chart: This is also a life-saver once the Dump is over.

7) MORE MEAL PLANS: This one includes one with poultry and fish.

8) Video Interviews with Experts: That's right. Experts. One on healthy, gentle, detoxing movement. Another on homesteading, growing your own food, and eating locally. And ANOTHER on sleep, and using essential oils to help. EXPERTS. I love experts.

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