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MAMA...Ever wonder what it's like to feel that energy and calm everybody ELSE talks about?

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FINALLY...a Cleanse created JUST FOR YOU, mama...

Time to take back what has (literally) been sucked out of you

Because it's not okay to feed yourself like kah-kah -- and you deserve to feel awesome, get sleep, increase energy, like a normal person

Here you are, mama...in the best years of your life. And all you want to do is lie down and sleep. But feeding / fuelling your body is ESSENTIAL.

If YOU are undernourished...things will begin to fall apart.

This is when your brain ALSO becomes undernourished, your stress levels increase, your energy levels decrease. You may be caring for others, but you're left depleted.

Pregnancy, breastfeeding...quite literally sucks the life out of you. And if you're not careful, stress and depletion and sleep deprivation will begin to feel normal...and it'll get harder and harder to get yourself back.

Maybe by now you are:

  • So used to not sleeping regularly, you feel like having a toddler tantrum instead of making dinner
  • Craving sugar during the afternoon "dip" (and let's face it -- kind of all the time)
  • Grateful when they don't eat all their toast -- then breakfast for you after all, right?
  • Picking up every germ and booger that comes through that door
  • Leaving the dishes undone, but the coffee addiction well fed
  • Food prep? What's food prep? hahahahaha
  • Wearing yoga pants like a uniform and remembering daily showers as a thing of the past
  • In denial you ever slept, ever had sex, ever had hot meals
  • Ready to be sent for your own "time out"

I get it. I've been there. Even as a nutritionist, this stuff seemed overwhelmingly difficult when I first had kids. But I knew there was more to life than taking care of everyone but me (OR feeling guilty if I considered my needs, too). I also love delicious food (not cold toast) -- so making small shifts to take back control in the kitchen became a priority -- even as I was breastfeeding demanding toddlers. And taking hot showers was not something I was willing to give up (or baths with the door closed/locked).

So let's take back control!

There is a reason the return rate is so high for the Community Dump series. They WORK. They give you permission to give yourself some love. And take some time to feel great again -- about what you're eating AND how you're living. So if you're ready to make some changes, starting here is PERFECT.

This is not some quick-fix juice cleanse b.s. This is the REAL DEAL. This is more about feeding you, then it is about feeding the silly detox industry.


MORE ENERGY | ...you'll be a better mama for it (and you'll like your family more, too)

EAT REAL FOOD | ...and learn HOW to ditch the processed food (ditch depleting raw shakes, too)

MORE QUALITY TIME | ...to spend with YOURSELF and KIDS -- not as a slave to the kitchen

LOSE THE GUILT | ...the most toxic ingredient there is -- POOF...gone

FEEL IN CONTROL | ...take it back! Fit into your skinny jeans, eat the foods you like, take a bath with the door LOCKED

SENSE OF CALM | ...by nourishing your brain and prioritizing the things you really need


THIS IS NOT A "CLEANSE" -- it's a life-changing experience

I've watched women slip deeper and deeper into depletion, as they care for everyone else. By the time they take better care of themselves, a lot of damage needs to be reversed.

But I'm telling you...that doesn't need to be you....

Yet...the stressors of Mamas are very REAL

FACT: You're juggling the EXPECTATIONS of a lot of other people (at least in your mind)

FACT: You're handling the OVERWHELMING STRESS of caring for another soul AND keeping everyone happy

FACT: Your time is SACRED -- and often not a consideration you make for yourself...as you prioritize the dishes or laundry

FACT: You're exhausted because you're sleeping like shit and RUNNING ON EMPTY

AND THIS: is when you're more likely to reach for SUGAR and STIMULANTS, eat BAD FOODS, and create BAD HABITS that feel impossible to break.

Sugar and Coffee Suck The Life Out of You -- and they're dangerous because they:

Are addictive, yet make you feel so good

Create MORE stress and anxiety

Leach NEEDED minerals and nutrients from your body

Trigger weight gain / create hormone disruption

Depress your immune system

Cause gut imbalance (super bad for a new mama)

Lead to wacky blood sugar, mood swings, energy roller coaster ride

Let me show you JUST THE THING YOU NEED -- and it is WAY better than crappy cookies and cold coffee.


And it starts soon...so you don't even have to wait!


PREP BEGINS: April 18th

DAY ONE STARTS: April 24th



"Sara Bradford is the bee's knees, the mama food bomb. When it comes to health, she has been a godsend in helping me come home to my body through nutrition after the birth of my daughter.

I appreciate Sara's practical, playful approach to nutrition and love that she has put together a program for new (and newish) moms like me, who want to take care of ourselves but find 10 000 things getting prioritized over our health."

Lex Vernon | Public and Leadership Speaker, Author, Coach, Trainer and Media Personality

"Life as a new mom is busy, period. Its hard to find a spare moment to brush your teeth, let alone prepare nutritious meals. Having a program to follow that is specific for replenishing our nutrient stores lost during pregnancy, while being conscious of the special needs of women during breastfeeding is going to take the guess work out of the equation! More time to focus on our little ones, yay!!"

Ashley Nisbet | Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Hair Stylist

"The Dump was truly powerful to witness and experience. This truly is unlike anything else I've seen, and the results people have at the end of the program is astounding. Highly recommend it! "

Nathalie Lussier | Nathalie Lussier Media

"Sara's Community Cleanses have changed my life! (Here's) a Dump focused on what mothers really need to maneuver life with energy, grace and enjoyment. This is a true gift! Sara offers a simple, honest and "you can do this" approach, which is refreshing and welcome in those moments of overwhelm."

Leslie Switzer | Certified Doula, Nia Instructor, Organic Farmer

"I did Sara's 'Spring Dump' this year and man am I glad I did! I work full time, have a family including a 2 year old and an active social life so I needed this level of organization! Sara is an incredible resource and human! She is knowledgeable, accessible and most of all non-judgemental."

Carly Rebelo | Infection Control Practitioner

On the Mama Dump we take care of you, with:

Beautiful materials you can download and keep for a lifetime

Mouthwatering recipes that are SIMPLE, NOURISHING, MAMA-FAST-FOOD

Private membership area so everything is found in one place

Rich and active community of support -- with peers and trained professionals

Daily emails to gently guide you along the way

What You Want...Is To Feel Good and Be an Amazing Mom

And you want results.

RESULTS: Abundant energy to play with your kidlets. Beautiful sleep (when you get it). Amazing poops. Freedom from sugar addiction. Terrific sex (with a partner or yourself).

How is this different than ANY OTHER cleanse-like program??

EAT AS MUCH AS YOU WANT, WHEN YOU WANT -- No calorie obsessing allowed

SIMPLE, DO-ABLE, QUICK RECIPES -- They all take 30 minutes or less OR contain less than 5 ingredients

SUPPORT SYSTEM EXTRAVAGANZA -- Feel the love! The incredible Dump Community of Mamas unconditionally have your back, aren't going to sabotage your experience, and KNOW what you're going through

SUPPORT FROM NUTRITIONIST EXTRAORDINAIRE -- Haha, that's right -- 24/7 support from a trained, educated, experienced nutritionist who has been exactly in your shoes

MANDATORY SELF-CARE SUPPORT / IDEAS -- Yep, self-care is mandatory and you're going to learn HOW to make this happen (are you excited?)

CELEBRATION OF SPRING -- Enjoy in abundance the best foods spring has to offer -- and in a realistic way (no juicing cucumbers out of season)

GRASS-FED MEAT & PASTURED EGGS -- Are you kidding me? On a cleanse? That's rare. But it's important and you'll learn why (Don't eat meat? No problem! We cover you, too.)

DELICIOUS RECIPES -- Really! The recipes are REALLY yummy, they each have an accompanying gorgeous photo to inspire you, come with an easy-to-use meal plan in a beautifully laid-out, downloadable e-book

Get started now!

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The New Mama Dump is Everything You've Been Needing In A Cleanse

(that didn't exist before now)



A DO-ABLE FOOD CLEANSE JUST FOR MOMS -- eat/drink delicious things

COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE -- laid out in easy-to-follow lessons to keep mama life SIMPLE

6 DAYS OF GUIDED PREP (WITH AN EXPERT) -- extra time so you feel extra ready

7 DAYS OF DUMPS + 3 BONUS DAYS -- in case you want the awesomeness to continue

COOKBOOK W/ 50 DELICIOUS RECIPES -- designed 4 busy moms, safe 4 new moms

EASY TO FOLLOW 7-DAY MEAL PLAN -- to free you from stressful planning

ADJUSTABLE SHOPPING LIST -- so you can make it fit to YOUR family's needs

PRIVATE MEMBERS AREA -- password protected and everything

Q&A OFFICE HOURS -- expert answers when you need them

RICH & ACTIVE GROUP FORUM -- supportive mama community who have your back

14 DAYS OF SUPPORTIVE EMAILS -- to keep you motivated

KICK-OFF TRAINING VIDEO -- explains entire process in video format, if too busy to read

FOOD LIST GUIDE -- what's in & out, so you're never left to wonder

KITCHEN PREP SANITY GUIDE -- saving you hours in the kitchen

MEAL PLANNING TEMPLATE / TOOLS -- giving you ultimate control

PRINT-OUTS / CHECKLISTS -- to keep you on track

THERAPEUTIC MAMA DUMP TEA -- designed special to mama's cleansing

BONUS GUIDES -- like Mindful Eating & Digestion or Kicking Coffee Protocol

100% ONLINE ACCESS -- you an do this anywhere in the world

All of this is worth $347 -- and YOU can have it for ONLY $137 -- WOWSA!

The cookbook is beautifully designed as an ebook, downloadable so you can print it. These beautiful materials you keep for a lifetime.

ALSO: Sign up NOW and you'll also get these AWESOME FAST ACTION BONUSES FOR FREE...


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Additional Recipe Bundle ($25 Value -- FREE)

Bonus Plant-Based Meal Plan and Paleo Meal Plan ($20 Value -- FREE)

Beautiful Mama Dump Guide Book (downloadable) ebook ($25 Value -- FREE)

Beautiful Self-Care-Love Guide (downloadable) ebook ($20 Value -- FREE)

Healthy Mama Movement Manual (downloadable) ebook ($15 Value -- FREE)

Mama Meditation Guide ($8 Value -- FREE)

Healthy Substitutions Chart ($5 Value -- FREE)

EFT Training For Families ($25 Value -- FREE)

Video Interview with Movement Mama Master Natalia Gabrea ($10 Value -- FREE)

TOTAL VALUE: $148 in FREE Fast Action Bonuses -- *TIME SENSITIVE*


New Mama Community Dump Course Description

Sometimes mamas need an excuse to feed themselves with nourishment and kindness. Here is every mamas chance: to do a "cleanse" that is designed JUST for them.

Why Participate in the Mama Dump

  1. Because you're REALLY ready to eat foods designed JUST for you (whether you're breastfeeding or not)
  2. Meals are created to be whip-fast to prepare and full of nutrition (and delicious, of course)
  3. You want to feel loads of energy to run around with kids or just to feel good
  4. Sleep matters
  5. Sex matters (eventually)

What's Included in the Mama Dump

  1. Over 50 recipes (delicious, easy, simple to create)
  2. Full meal-plan with shopping list - loads of delicious recipes
  3. Step-by-step lesson plan
  4. Private membership area
  5. Kick-off recorded training video (visual instruction to compliment lesson plan)
  6. Incredibly active, supportive community
  7. Q&A office hours with trained experts
  8. Bonus guides/protocols/logs/etc
  9. Daily emails
  10. *TIME SENSITIVE*FAST ACTION BONUSES (before end of Mon. April 10): More recipes, more meal plans, more guides -- valued at $148

When is the Mama Dump

  1. Prep begins April 18th (and goes for almost a week -- so you REALLY feel prepared)
  2. Dump begins April 24th (and runs for 7 days + 3 additional, optional bonus days)
  3. Access to Dump begins immediately

PREP BEGINS: April 18th

DAY ONE STARTS: April 24th


ALUMNI -- Welcome Back!

Contact HERE or sara@nourishrealfood.com for your 40% discount code

Your Instructor

Sara Bradford
Sara Bradford

I am a mama, a food lover, and a busy business owner. In that order.

My own food journey began a long time ago. When I was a child. I remember watching my own mama in the kitchen. The way she took her time with each ingredient, carefully chopping, often growing them herself or choosing her ingredients lovingly. She looked so zen. Honestly. The love I have for real food began by watching her.

Then...an unhealthy food obsession began when I went off to study nutrition. I tried every diet, every cleanse, every detox out there. I began obsessively drinking green smoothies. I was in a constant battle with the conflicting info I received.

It took me many years to figure out that sometimes 'healthy eating' isn't all that healthy.

Sometimes nourishment is simpler than that. It starts with a love of ingredients. And it also starts with loving yourself -- and a deep understanding that you deserve to feel good. Feeling good isn't about obsessing over what you are doing right or wrong (with food or otherwise).

I stepped back and began to focus only on eating foods that made me feel good, based on the season I was in, and my own intuition. When I did my mood improved, my energy levels increased, my puffiness decreased, I lost extra pounds, my skin became clear.

Fast forward: I'm now in my 40's, I feel like I'm in my 20's, I have two beautiful (healthy) kids, a thriving business, I feel awesome, and I wake up to a sense of calm. I did this by eating real food, putting my needs in the spotlight, reducing stress, increasing my nourishment (in all ways), and creating the life I want -- BUT STILL...ENJOYING THE HELL OUT OF MY FOOD.

I began running the Community Dumps because I saw a similar and dangerous cycle in others: unsafe juice cleansing and extreme fasting, an all-or-nothing, no pain-no-gain attitude that left people confused, HUNGRY, exhausted and nutrient deficient. I saw people suffering for months after a well-intentioned detox or "healthy food" plan. Why was no one talking about this? Why was everyone eating food that tasted bland or looked like sludge? Ew!

I took my extensive skill and passion in the kitchen to create something fun and unique – where people don't have to go at this food journey alone, a food program that is safe, and delicious, and do-able. I’ve spent years developing these cleanses, using the seasons to guide me, taking different constitutions into account. And now I've taken it one step further...

I help people like YOU adapt to a way of eating that feels good ALL the time! This is my passion. xo

"The real food dump helped me free myself from all the energy wasting stuff I was doing, and realize that my priority was my own happiness... because if Mama isn't happy, no one is happy! I'd highly recommend this to all my stressed-out mama friends because we totally deserve it."

Ashley Srokosz | RHN, Holistic Biz Coach, Mama-on-the-go, Recovering Perfectionist

"As a busy mom, it's such a challenge to get on a proper health track... It (used to be) all so overwhelming, I didn't know what to do, or where to start, or how to keep myself accountable. But after every cleanse I am more energetic, more healthfully routined, happier, sleeping better, have glowing skin and leaner!"

Mandy Kuelz | Norwex Leader

"As a busy mom of 5 beautiful girls, wife and business owner, Sara's community cleanse has been a life-saver."

Krista Moore | Owner of Madelyn's Diner

"Sara will make your throw out everything you THOUGHT you knew about health and wellness and blow your mind...with her extensive knowledge of food and the effects of food on our bodies. She has COMPLETELY changed the way I think about food."

Jessika Guy | Owner at Green Hair Spa

Class Curriculum

Available in days
days after you enroll
  PART TWO: Delicious FOOD Is The Best Part -- FIND IT HERE
Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
Course prep begins April 18th (giving you almost an entire week to shop, prep, get excited). The first day of the Dump is: Monday, April 24th. It runs until: Sunday, April 2nd (with 3 optional bonus days running until April 5th). But you'll have full access to all the materials as SOON as you join.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to the Mama Dump 2017 course for as long as you like -- across any and all devices you own.
Will I be hungry?
Heck no. You can eat as MUCH as you want, until your belly feels full. And when you get hungry...you eat again. Because the Mama Dump includes a small variety of healthy animal based proteins, you will feel full quicker and for longer periods of time, than you would on an all-plant-based diet. All the foods chosen are designed to nourish the new mama (breastfeeding or not) and because you'll feel so nourished, you're blood sugar won't dip as often.
Can I contact you with questions?
CERTAINLY. Feel free to reach out if you want more details or to figure out if this will work for you at this time. Email me: sara@nourishrealfood.com Sara xo

ALUMNI (previous dumpers):

Contact HERE or sara@nourishrealfood.com for your 40% discount code

"I am a busy mother of 2 little ones, who runs two businesses in Stratford. Sara is an energetic, knowledgable Holistic Nutritionist who happens to be a GREAT cook and awesome mom. She is very encouraging and inspiring and has taught me a LOT when it comes to trying new ingredients, products and cooking methods."

Carrie Wreford | Bradshaws Kitchen Detail

"Sara is definitely someone I would refer someone to -- especially for a detox or cleanse. The most wonderful thing about the online cleanse is the participation with other members in the groups. It is unlike any cleanse I've ever done."

Lisa Stacey | Yoga Instructor, Wellspring Centre Co

"Sara's Community Dump was an incredible personal journey for me. Her approach to gently healing the body, building the digestive system and immunity and calming the mind was unlike any other cleanse i have embarked upon. The community support aspect of this cleanse is truly unique and incredibly valuable. Thank you Sara!"

Julia McIntosh | Owner of Gratitude Food, Culinary Nutritionist, Organic Gardener

"This totally rocks!! I don't miss my coffee or my wine (you heard that right here people). Best cleanse I have ever done!!!!"

India Hathaway | Web Designer at Inspired By India

Immediate Access to the COMPLETE Mama Dump

Cookbook with a gazillion DELICIOUS recipes designed for mamas (easy to implement, few ingredients, tasty)

Full meal plan and shopping list (with bonus recipes)

Comprehensive guide via daily lessons

Kick-off recorded training videos

Meal planning template

Rich and active group forum with Q&A office hours

14 days of supportive emails of awesomeness

16 days of daily material stored in the membership area

Password-protected membership site to store all the valuable info or review the numerous videos at any time

Bonus sections with protocols, prep guides, tea formulas, logs, and more

Expertise of a trained and experienced nutritionist to guide you every step of the way

Print-outs, check-lists

*Time-Sensitive* FREE Fast Action Bonuses (if you register before Monday at midnight) valued at $148

HAVE QUESTIONS or CONCERNS? Feel free to contact me directly.

Email me at: sara@nourishrealfood.com

With love,

Sara xo