BUNDLE: Spring Dump + THIS IS NOT A CLEANSE Community Dump Manual

Access to Spring Dump + the ONE and ONLY Cookbook needed for every single season

IT'S TIME TO COME OUT OF HIBERNATION -- if you're not blooming like a spring flower yet...

Ready to shed some WINTER SLUDGE?

Better yet: Are you ready for enormous energy, beautiful sleep, amazing sex, a kick-ass life?

That's what I thought.


Take Action...and find your Spring rhythm!

Get SLEEP...like a newborn bunny

Enjoy SEX...like a rabbit

Have HEAPS of ENERGY...like Thumper

BUT...eat like a bear

You've taken "EXCESS" to the next level...sure, BUT...

You do NOT want to go on some restrictive cleanse

You do NOT want to feel starved or deprived or hungry

You do NOT want to dash to the toilet every 20 minutes

You do NOT want to "miss out" on patio season

You do NOT want to drink gross, sludgy, expensive shakes

Well, DON'T DO IT.

With that said... you are also feeling GROSS, BLOATED, and kind of PUFFY. So what now?


MORE ENERGY | ...you'll be a better human, friend, mom, lover for it

EAT REAL FOOD | ...learn HOW to ditch the depleting stuff and prepare deliciousness

MORE QUALITY TIME | ...to spend with YOURSELF and others -- not as a slave to the kitchen

LOSE THE GUILT | ...the most toxic ingredient there is -- POOF...gone

FEEL IN CONTROL | ...take it back! Fit into your skinny jeans, eat the foods you like, take a bath with the door LOCKED

SENSE OF CALM | ...by nourishing your brain and prioritizing the things you really need


So What Is This?

This is not some quick-fix juice cleanse b.s. This is the REAL DEAL. This is more about feeding you, than feeding the silly detox industry.

If fear has kept you from "cleansing" in the past, it's not your fault. Unfortunately, many cleanses are designed to keep you feeling deprived and running to the toilet. If you've landed on this page for the first time, and are considering a spring cleanse but want it to be different this time, then know that it can be...

The Spring Dump has CHANGED

In the past this rich and wonderful program has been sold as a full 10-day course. And NOW... it is still a full 10-day course. But the materials are all housed in one big beautiful book. A book that can be used for ALL the seasons. Every single one. One book at one price. Separate seasonal Dumps at a VERY low price.

So instead of paying $157 for the entire thing... you buy the insanely gorgeous book at one price, and the Dumps separate at a very low cost.

That's right. You heard me. A LOW, LOW cost. I want this to be accessible to EVERYBODY.

If you buy this as a bundle... it's an even lower cost. DO THAT HERE!


I've designed a program like no other!

So you can:

Kick crappy cravings to the curb

Stop winter sludge in its tracks

Feel sexy enough for a lap dance... with yourself

With this Dump, you will indulge in your amazing life -- in a way that doesn't suck the life out of you or put you at odds with your food

All within a SAFE and FUN group setting


On the Spring Community Dump you get to:

Celebrate spring's green SUPERFOODS -- by learning how to prepare and eat them

Indulge in delightful SMOOTHIES -- while learning how to do this more EFFECTIVELY

Eat nourishing foods -- that allow your body to detox NATURALLY

Feel SUPPORT from an amazing group who unconditionally have your back and won't sabotage

Give your digestive system the LOVE (and RELIEF) it deserves

And it starts soon...so you don't even have to wait!





Get started now!


"Sara Bradford is the bee's knees, the mama food bomb. When it comes to health, she has been a godsend in helping me come home to my body through nutrition after the birth of my daughter. I appreciate Sara's practical, playful approach to nutrition."

Lex Vernon | Public and Leadership Speaker, Author, Coach, Trainer and Media Personality

"The Dump was truly powerful to witness and experience. This truly is unlike anything else I've seen, and the results people have at the end of the program is astounding. Highly recommend it! "

Nathalie Lussier | Nathalie Lussier Media

"Sara's Community Dumps have changed my life!"

Leslie Switzer | Certified Doula, Nia Instructor, Organic Farmer

"I did Sara's Spring Dump this year and man am I glad I did! I work full time, have a family including a 2 year old and an active social life so I needed this level of organization! Sara is an incredible resource and human! She is knowledgeable, accessible and most of all non-judgemental."

Carly Rebelo | Infection Control Practitioner

"Working with Sara is not only nourishing for your body but your soul as well. Her approach to food and food choice has left a lasting impression on me beyond the Community Dump and has given me tools to move forward thoughtfully and intentionally in my relationship with food.

The community that she fosters during Dumps and beyond goes without description."

Tara Smedbol | GIS Technologist

"The first Dump that I did in Spring was a life changing experience for me. It not only aided physical detoxification, but helped me release stuck emotions. And by the end of the dump I gained energy, mental clarity and focus and was able to get off coffee completely."

Manjiri Nadkarni, MD (Ayu) RHN | Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Registered Holistic Nutritionist

On the Spring Dump we take care of you, with:

A BEAUTIFUL cookbook (with over 180 recipes) to keep for a lifetime

Mouthwatering recipes that are NOURISHING "FAST-FOOD"

Private membership area so everything is found in one place

Rich and active community of support -- with peers and trained professionals

Daily emails to gently guide you along the way


What You Want...Is To Feel Good and to GET RESULTS

Results = the whole point.


Abundant energy to work and play.

Beautiful sleep.

Amazing poops.

Freedom from sugar addiction.

Terrific sex (with a partner or yourself).


How is this different than ANY OTHER food program??

EAT AS MUCH AS YOU WANT, WHEN YOU WANT -- No calorie obsessing allowed

SIMPLE, DO-ABLE, QUICK RECIPES -- With over 12 meal plans from all seasons to choose from

SUPPORT SYSTEM EXTRAVAGANZA -- Feel the love! The incredible Dump Community of fellow participants unconditionally have your back, aren't going to sabotage your experience, and KNOW what you're going through

SUPPORT FROM NUTRITIONIST EXTRAORDINAIRE -- Haha, that's right -- 24/7 support from a trained, educated, experienced nutritionist who has been exactly in your shoes

MANDATORY SELF-CARE SUPPORT / IDEAS -- Yep, self-care is mandatory and you're going to learn HOW to make this happen (are you excited?)

CELEBRATION OF SPRING -- Enjoy in abundance the best foods spring has to offer -- and in a realistic way

DELICIOUS RECIPES -- Really! The recipes are REALLY yummy

Get started now!

ALUMNI -- WELCOME BACK! We are doing things differently this time!!

The Spring Dump is Everything You've Been Needing

(that didn't exist before now)


Spring Community Dump Course Description

Sometimes women need an excuse to feed themselves with nourishment and kindness. And shed some of the winter goo that sticks around and taunts us as spring begins.

Why Participate in the Spring Dump

  1. Because you're REALLY ready to eat foods designed JUST for this awesome season
  2. Delicious meals have been designed to make you feel like you're NOT EVEN doing some silly cleanse
  3. You want to feel loads of energy to run around the block or just even get through a sleepy afternoon
  4. Sleep matters
  5. Sex matters

What's Included in the Spring Dump

  1. Over 180 recipes to choose from on the THIS IS NOT A CLEANSE Cookbook
  2. Cookbook includes many meal plan options
  3. Bonuses, bonuses, bonuses
  4. Private membership area
  5. Kick-off recorded training video
  6. Hilarious random videos
  7. Incredibly active, supportive community
  8. Q&A office hours with trained experts
  9. Bonus guides/protocols/logs/etc
  10. Daily emails

When is the Spring Dump

  1. Prep begins May 25th (and lasts a few days so you feel totally prepared)
  2. Dump begins May 28th (and runs for 10 days)
  3. Access to Dump begins immediately




ALUMNI -- Welcome Back!

We are doing this differently this time. You'll see. It's even better!


Your Instructor

Sara Bradford
Sara Bradford

I am ridiculously in love with food, really good at making up recipes -- and a mama and busy business owner (so I know that simple is important).

My food journey began as a child. Watching my mama in her kitchen and garden. The way she took her time with each ingredient. She looked so zen. Honestly. The love I have for real food began by watching her.

I love food. But I've had a topsy-turvy relationship with it, too.

I was a vegetarian for many, many years. Then...An unhealthy food obsession began when I went off to study nutrition. I tried every diet, every cleanse, every detox out there. I began obsessively drinking green smoothies. I was in a constant battle with the conflicting info I received.

It took me many years to figure out that sometimes 'healthy eating' isn't all that healthy.

Sometimes nourishment is simpler than that. It starts with a love of ingredients. And it also starts with loving yourself -- and having a deep understanding of what makes you feel good -- and that you deserve that.

I stepped back and began to focus only on eating foods that made me feel good, based on the season I was in, and my own intuition. When I did my mood improved, my energy levels increased, my puffiness decreased, I lost extra pounds, my skin became clear.

Fast forward: I'm now in my 40's, I feel like I'm in my 20's, I have two beautiful (healthy) kids, a thriving business, I feel awesome, and I wake up to a sense of calm. I did this by eating real food, putting my needs in the spotlight, reducing stress, increasing my nourishment (in all ways), and creating the life I want -- BUT STILL...ENJOYING THE HELL OUT OF MY FOOD.

I began running the Community Dumps because I saw a similar and dangerous cycle in others: unsafe juice cleansing and extreme fasting, an all-or-nothing, no pain-no-gain attitude that left people confused, HUNGRY, exhausted and nutrient deficient. I saw people suffering for months after a well-intentioned detox or "healthy food" plan. Why was no one talking about this? Why was everyone eating food that tasted bland or looked like sludge? Ew!

I took my extensive skill and passion in the kitchen to create something fun and unique – where people don't have to go at this food journey alone, a food program that is safe, and delicious, and do-able. I’ve spent years developing these cleanses, using the seasons to guide me, taking different constitutions into account. And now I've taken it one step further...

I help people like YOU adapt to a way of eating that feels good ALL the time! This is my passion. xo

"After every Dump I am more energetic, healthfully routined, happier, sleeping better, have glowing skin and am leaner."

Mandy Kuelz | Norwex Leader

"Sara will make your throw out everything you THOUGHT you knew about health and wellness and blow your mind...with her extensive knowledge of food and the effects of food on our bodies. She has COMPLETELY changed the way I think about food."

Jessika Guy | Owner at Green Hair Spa

"The spring dump was one of the best and most profound investments I've ever made in my health. I learned so much from Sara, and appreciated her depth of knowledge, passion and sense of humour. (I) was truly amazed at how good my body is designed to feel."

Emma Blackler

"Participating in the community dump over the years has been a joy and gift to myself -- and to the people around me. I feel better, am more optimistic, am in a better mood and have lots of energy to tackle the challenges that come.

When doing the dumps, I have also been the envy of everyone at the lunch room table as my lunches are beautiful, nutritious and delicious!"

Sarah Mary Noakes | Elementary School Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
Course prep begins may 25th (giving you a long weekend to shop, prep, get excited). The first day of the Dump is: Monday, May 29th. It runs until: Wednesday, June 7. But you'll have full access to all the materials as SOON as you join.
Will I be hungry?
Heck no. That's what makes this program unique. You can eat as MUCH as you want, until your belly feels full. And when you get hungry...you eat again. Because there is a good chance your cells are screaming for nourishment -- and any calories you consume will be used and go to all the places they need to. Yum.
Can I contact you with questions?
CERTAINLY. Feel free to reach out if you want more details or to figure out if this will work for you at this time. Email me: [email protected] Sara xo

ALUMNI (previous dumpers):

We are doing things differently this time. You'll see -- it's even better.


"I’ve completed 5 Community Dumps with Sara and each one brings a deeper understanding and realization of how food affects my body. Her recipes are outstandingly delicious; my kiddos even love almost everything I’ve made from the Dumps!! My body feels amazing and so much healthier not just after the Dumps, but better than it has in years. Thanks, Sara!"

Meghan Fessler | Norwex Consultant

"The dump was not just what I needed, but what my little fam jam of three needed. We all devoured the amazing recipes together and still do. The energy and overall wellness feeling that comes from eating to support your body is a feeling like no other. Your shit makes sense and works easily in regular life (mic drop)."

Terri-Lynn Seftel, Registered Massage Therapist

"It is unlike any cleanse I've ever done."

Lisa Stacey | Yoga Instructor, Wellspring Centre Co

"I look forward to all season community dumps that Sara puts out. It’s a way to connect back to real food and real feelings and what I really need to thrive.

The community support is awesome, the guide is awesome, the menu planning is helpful, and the FOOD is delicious. Thanks so much, Sara!"

Andrea Harbin | Dental Educator / Assistant

"This totally rocks!! I don't miss my coffee or my wine (you heard that right here people). Best cleanse I have ever done!!!!"

India Hathaway | Web Designer at Inspired By India

HAVE QUESTIONS or CONCERNS? Feel free to contact me directly.

Email me at: [email protected]

With love,

Sara xo